Innovation in Delivery Systems

We are one of the leading global providers of advanced delivery technologies and development and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceutical and consumer health products. eWe are the number one Softgel manufacturer in South and Central America and top five in the world in terms of Softgel production capacity, according to an independent third-party industry analysis report. We have extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing Softgel capsules and related dosage forms for over 120 clients in more than 30 different countries with a strong and increase presence in the US. Our innovative oral delivery mechanisms allow us to transform branded generics into differentiated products for the pharmaceutical market. Our Rx and OTC pharmaceutical product portfolio is driven by our proprietary delivery systems, allowing us to focus on the development and sale of high-growth and premium pharmaceutical products which we believe are subject to less pricing pressures when compared to more generic pharmaceutical products.

Continuous Investments on R&D

Strong in-house R&D capabilities driving attractive growth opportunities, as evidenced by our development of over 500 pharmaceutical products formulations, resulting in the development of an average of over 150 new products, including more than 50 first time launch products per year over the last three years.
We have over 270 full time personnel in R&D and innovation working continuously to develop new technologies in innovative delivery mechanisms to transform branded generics into differentiated products, valued by both patients and physicians.
We invest approximately 4% of net revenues in R&D and our renewal rate continues to grow and has reached approximately 24%.

Specialized Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are segregated and highly adaptable, enabling Procaps to undertake the manufacturing of highly complex products. Our manufacturing facilities include the first FDA-approved Rx pharmaceutical plant in South and Central America and one of only five hormonal Softgel plants in the world.
Additionally, our manufacturing facilities are certified, where required, by several regulatory entities including the FDA, Health Canada, the MHRA, the TGA, COFEPRIS and ISO.

Leadership in an Attractive Market

Procaps is positioned to capitalize on favorable regional dynamics. We operate mainly in Latin America, and we are well positioned, being one of the fastest growing companies in terms of market share gains, out of the top 10 markets in which we operate.
LatAm´s pharma sales are expected to outperform global growth and aging of the population will also increase boosting demand for the pharmaceutical segment.
By 2050, Latin America is expected to have over 20% of the total population over 65 years old

Diversified and Robust Portfolio

Well diversified proprietary portfolio of Branded Differentiated RX and OTC products, with less than 35% of net revenues from the Top Selling Brands and presence in several therapeutic areas:

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