Our portfolio is divided in 2 main categories: B2B and B2C.
B2B is comprised by our Nextgel (iCDMO) business.
B2C is comprised by OTC, RX, Clinical Specialties and Diabetrics business lines.



Our NextGel business segment, operated under our Softigel brand, is the iCDMO arm of Procaps which offers services specializing in Softgel and operates globally in the B-to-B market, more specifically in Brazil, Colombia and the United States.
We provide formulation, development, and manufacturing services for Softgel for global pharmaceutical and consumer health and nutraceutical markets and supporting ancillary services for clients worldwide.

The iCDMO agreements with our top-tier customers range from five to ten-year terms.

Softgels have historically been used to solve formulation challenges or technical issues for a specific drug, to help improve the clinical performance of compounds, to provide for a more exact dose, to provide important market differentiation, particularly for OTC medications, and to provide safe handling of hormonal, highly potent, and cytotoxic drugs. Softgel capsules are used in a broad range of customer products, including Rx drugs, OTC medications, dietary supplements, unit-dose cosmetics, and animal health medicinal preparations. Softgel capsules encapsulate liquid, paste, or oil-based formulations of active compounds in solution or suspension within an outer shell. In the manufacturing process, the capsules are formed, filled, and sealed simultaneously. We typically perform encapsulation for a productwith active ingredients provided by customers or sourced directly by us. We also participate in the Softgel vitamin, mineral, and supplement business in selected regions around the world.

Our main Softgel technologies include Unigel, Versagel, Chewgel,and G-tabs. Unigel: capsules that combine two different active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”) that were not previously compatible in a tablet dosage form, by use of a barrier that avoids permeation from the liquid phase into the tablet core without affecting the dissolution rate of the API contained in this dosage form, encapsulating a smaller tablet into a Softgel capsule.

Versagel is the versatile plant based Softgel shell, allowing us to extend the Softgel dose form to a broader range of active ingredients that due to their natural potential of hydrogen (PH) levels, are impossible to encapsule in more traditional gelatin, and serve patient/consumer populations that were previously inaccessible due to religious, dietary, or cultural preferences.

Chewgel: solution for children and consumers who have difficulty swallowing standard Softgel capsules.

G-tabs: gelatin coated tablets that are easy to swallow, and we believe, based on current technology, to be impossible to counterfeit. G-tabs are coated with one- or two-toned color gelatin (which can be printed on not printed) and helps mask unpleasant odors and flavors. In addition, our G-tabs technology helps enhance product stability, provides protection for photosensitive pharmaceutical ingredients, reduces degradation due to exposure to air, and is available in a variety of shapes and colors.

The key products that we manufacture in this segment include Softgel pharmaceutical products such as Advil, Apronax Liquidgels, multivitamins, Vitamin D and Dolex ActivGel.


Our OTC product line primarily consists of the VitalCare brand/business unit, and forms part of three of Procaps’ business segments; Procaps Colombia, CAN and CASAND.

VitalCare develops, manufactures and markets OTC consumer healthcare products through an extensive portfolio focused on over eight high-prevalence therapeutic areas (including gastrointestinal, skin care, cough and cold, analgesics, urological, and vitamin, minerals and supplements) at what we believe to be accessible and appealing price points and includes more than 150 brands. Our Colmed OTC product line, which is part of our VitalCare business unit, consists of products in the following categories: antibiotics, anti-infective, anti-parasitic, cardiovascular, feminine care, cutaneous antimycotic, pain killers, gastrointestinal, hormonals, metabolic, endocrine, nervous system, ophthalmic, osteoarticular, respiratory, diet supplements and vitamins and minerals.

We market and sell our OTC products in the following key regional markets: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and the United States. Demand for our VitalCare OTC products and generics is generated by the end consumer. We target the end consumer through traditional advertising means, and increasingly though social media in order to more specifically target individual end consumer segments in order to highlight the attributes and differentials of our brands and products. We work with several points of sale customers such as global, national, and regional retail drug, supermarket, and mass merchandise chains, major wholesalers, sourcing groups, hospitals and grocery stores to ensure the homogeneous distribution of our products. We seek to establish customer loyalty through superior customer service by providing a comprehensive assortment of high-quality products and timely processing, shipment and delivery of orders.


Farma Procaps formulates, manufactures and markets branded prescription drugs. It represents a high growth portfolio that focuses on nine therapeutic areas (feminine care products, pain relief, skin care, digestive health, growth and development, cardiology, vision care, central nervous system and respiratory). The demand for our Farma Procaps products is largely generated by doctors and physicians. We analyze the doctors and physicians by specialty that we believe would be most beneficial to directly market our products to and schedule strategic visits once or twice a month to present our product portfolio specifically targeting their practice. We also offer technical and scientific information on our products and product samples for the exclusive use of the doctors and physicians to provide to their patients. Our sales force is segmented by medical specialties and receive periodic technical training on the brands and products we sell, as well as sales and relationship training techniques to better enable them to market and sell our products.

Clinical Specialties

Clinical Specialties is a leading provider of high-complexity care treatments to private institutions regionally. Its diverse product portfolio targets various in-demand therapeutic areas and develops, manufactures and markets personal protective equipment, high-complexity drugs for hospital use such as antibiotic, blood clot, immunosuppressant, oncology and analgesics products.

We directly target our marketing and sales effort for our Clinical Specialties products to clinics and hospital. We work together with in-hospital medical specialties to provide primarily medium and high complexity products for use with their patients, which are supported by technical or clinical studies to guarantee their safety.


Procaps currently has a leading position in the Colombian market in two Diabetrics product categories with over a 60% market share for blood glucose monitors (strips, meters and lancets) and over a 50% market share for insulin delivery systems (pen needles), based on the total number of patients diagnosed with diabetes that require insulin in Colombia (all individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and 20% of individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes) that use such products. In addition, we have increased our market share by over 60%, based on total sales within product category, in the Rx oral -anti-diabetics products category in the Colombian market through the sale of our Metformin products (GMet and Predial Lex) and other Rx products to manage diabetic patient complications.

As part of our Diabetrics segment’s integral product strategy and holistic approach, we offer products in other product categories such as insulin (Glaritus- Glargine Insulin, launched in the beginning of 2021) and supplements (Cromega and Preventia), among others.

We market our Diabetrics products and services in Colombia and El Salvador.

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